Permanent Fridge Label Decals


Keep everything in its place by labeling those areas of the fridge. These permanent 1” decals are a great way for you and your family to stay organized!

How to use:

1. Before sticking your decal onto a surface, run a credit card over the surface of the sticker firmly.

2. Separate your decal from its backing. Go slowly! You want to ensure all letters have stuck to the sticker and haven’t been left behind on the backing. If some pieces aren’t sticking, repeat step one.

3. Once your decal is ready, carefully line it up and place it on your desired surface. Make sure you’re happy with the placement before you stick it down. Again, run a credit card over the surface before removing the sticky tape.

4. Wait 48 hours before exposing your decal to water. If you’ve placed your decal on a mug, cup, bowl or plate, it’s important to hand wash your item gently, and never use abrasive sponges to clean.