Organic Newborn Cloth Diaper


This diaper is super cute and super trim. It is made from organic cotton knit and organic bamboo fleece, making it fluffy, soft and perfect for newborn bums.

On the inside, a snap-in organic dimple zorb soaker adds some extra absorbency and protection.

Fitted diapers are meant to be trim, comfortable and breathable so they can be worn under a diaper cover or on their own when baby is bottomless.

***This diaper is suitable for babies between 6-12 pounds.

To wash: To prevent staining, rinse soiled diapers in a laundry tub or with a diaper sprayer. Then, store them in a sealed wet bag or wet pail until wash day.

*Wash on warm to highly heat and tumble dry on cool

*Always use natural detergent or detergent made specifically for cloth diapers to avoid skin irritation or breakdown of the diaper’s organic fibres.

*Never use dryer sheets or fabric softener when washing or drying cloth diapers since they can drastically reduce absorbency.