Organic Bamboo and Zorb Overnight Cloth Pad


You know the feeling-getting up in the middle of the night to discover your protection has failed. Ugh!

This pad is 13” long and 7” from wing to wing, offering a wider range of protection against leaks, whether you’re experiencing heavy flow or sleeping.

The top layer of the pad is made from cotton jersey. The inner layer is made from a pre-washed layer of absorbent bamboo fleece. And the final layer is made from dimple Zorb which contains a variety of super-absorbent organic materials.

To wash, rinse soiled pads in water and store in a wet bag or wet pail until wash day. You can wash this pad on medium to hot heat, but it’s best to use natural detergent. This is not only because it’s healthiest for you, but it also will prolong the life of your pad.

When drying, don’t use dryer sheets, which can mess with absorbency. It’s best to tumble dry on low or hang your pad outside. Doing so can also eliminate stains! Win win.