Rainbow Organic Hemp Newborn Diaper Starter Kit Active


These rainbow serged organic hemp newborn diapers are beautiful and functional! Hemp is an incredibly resilient and strong material so these diapers will last through wash after wash, becoming softer and more absorbent over time.
These diapers are snap-less and can be used with pins or a Snappy diaper fastener.
Each diaper comes with a hemp soaked that has one layer of hemp and one layer of hemp fleece for comfort and absorbency.

*Fitted diapers require a cover

To wash:
Use natural detergent without fabric softeners - these can reduce absorbency and break down organic fibers.
Solids should be rinsed and diapers can be stored in a wet bag or wet pail until wash day. For stains, you can use a stain stick, Green Bleach, or lay diapers in the sun.
To dry, tumble dry without dryer sheets, or hang dry.

***Fits babies from 6-13 pounds
***Each kit is made to order

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