Organic Bamboo Cloth Diaper Starter Kit


These diapers are the softest, squishiest thing you’ll find for your baby.
The body of each diaper is made from 2 layers of thick, organic bamboo fleece, sewn together with comfortable elastics for the legs and back to prevent blowouts.
Inside, you’ll find two double layer soakers, also made from bamboo fleece, that offer superior absorbency and protection.
This kit includes:

- 4 Organic bamboo cloth diapers
- Snap down notch for baby’s cord stump
- 8 Organic bamboo soakers (2 for each diaper)
- 2 rows of snaps on each diaper to extend use
- comfortable elastics that won’t pinch baby
- 5 Organic bamboo cloth wipes (single layer)

To wash:
Use natural detergent without fabric softeners - these can reduce absorbency and break down organic fibres.
Solids should be rinsed and diapers can be stored in a wet bag or wet pail until wash day. For stains, you can use a stain stick, Green Bleach, or by lay diapers in the sun.
To dry, tumble dry without dryer sheets, or hang dry.

***Fits babies from 6-13 pounds
***Each kit is made to order

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