Newborn & Postpartum New Parent Essentials Gift Set


New parents need baby items that are useful and simple. This gift set is a great addition for any new parent because it covers both baby and mom.

2 lightweight burp cloths - perfect for those early days when spit up is inevitable

5 Soft washcloths for bathing baby. They can also be used as wipes if you’re cloth diapering.

3 sets of triple-layer organic bamboo breast pads. These are the softest most luxurious fabric! They’re naturally antimicrobial, and they absorb A LOT of milk - something every breastfeeding mama needs.

***The burp cloths and washcloths are made from two light layers of flannel. They will become softer and more absorbent with each use.

***Breast pads are made from Organic bamboo fleece